What was that all about?

I thank everyone who took the time to read my first post and complimented it.  I thought that would be the best way to introduce myself to the blogging world.  It included many aspects of myself and my interests in the whole thing, from linguistics to technology, from science to music, from mythology to Latin.  I felt that I was sort of inspired, so to speak, by Douglas Adams, the author of the famous The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (if you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it) and its sequels (except the 6th book).

I regret to inform all who enjoyed the first post that my future posts will not necessarily be like that, though I might make another similar to it, if I feel like it. It’s arbitrary. Totally arbitrary.  (I will sorely miss having Mr. Doherty as my calc teacher)

This blog’s purpose is hitherto not set in stone, but I suppose it will be a sort of repository where I can set down my thoughts and feelings and share them to whomever cares, which, at the moment, appears to be about 3 or 4 people.  Quidquid.

This week:

  • StarCraft II comes out.  I have been playing the beta and it is SOOOOO good.  I wish I could actually buy it, though.  Blizzard seems to have shut down the beta and here I am, stuck with a defunct copy that can’t do anything at all, not even view my own replays.
  • I’ve been rehearsing in a miniature ensemble for a musical: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  It is played, sung, acted, danced, produced, etc. by teens, but it is amazing.  The quality is astounding and virtually professional.  I highly recommend attending one of the many performances we’ll be having this summer.
  • I am not going to the National Junior Classical League Convention next week in Fargo, ND.  All over Facebook, I see people with statuses about the convention (especially Henry Schott’s and Amber Houston’s).  Everytime (that should be a word. I’m making it a word now) I see their statuses, I instantly feel like I’m about to cry.  Nationals had been extremely fun the last two times I went, and the thought that my last chance to participate in Nationals as a JCLer is gone is crushing.

Not such a great week thus far, but I think things will be looking up really soon.  I’m on my way to college and am looking forward to it!!

Well, this seems to have been a pretty lame blog post.  I will be taking suggestions on what to rant about for the next 239581 years.  Meanwhile, I’ll be thinking of something…


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